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Chick Moorman:

A significant answer to your parenting and teaching concerns

Chick Moorman provides practical, entertaining, and thought-provoking workshops, seminars, keynote addresses, and coaching for parents and educators. Whether addressing 10 or 10,000, his mission is to empower parents and teachers so they can in turn empower others. He will help your audience transform their parenting and teaching through the use of verbal skills that continually uplift, nurture, and inspire.

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Question: Hello Thomas and Chick,

I have a four-year-old son who doesn't listen to me. How do I get him to listen and respond?

Frustrated Mom in Utah Read Chick and Thomas's response...

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"She Had to Act"-- A tale of a teacher skilled in anger management.

They came bursting out of the school bus door, pushing, shoving and loudly proclaiming their existence.  We watched as they crossed the grass mixing threats with gestures and meshing words with actions.  By the time the boys reached the school room door it was clear that words had lost and actions had won.